An Evening With the Stars:

A Twilight Trek And Astronomy Experience

Experience the Upper Valley after dark like never before! Trek to the top of Balch Hill with a guide from the Hanover Conservancy who will teach you about night-time ecosystems. When you reach the top, learn to identify constellations, see the Milky Way, and even watch Jupiter as it sets.

 B.Y.O.F. – bring your own flashlight!

Date and Time

Thursday, August 10th

8:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.


Balch Hill, Hanover, NH 03755


Meet at the parking lot at the junction of

Grasse Road and Trescott Road in Hanover.




The Essentials


A Twilight Trek! Experience the transition from day to night up close and personal. Enjoy a leisurely hike (family friendly!) to the peak of Balch Hill with an experienced guide from the Hanover Conservancy, Hanover’s own land trust. Bring your own flashlight to enjoy the night-time serenity of one of the Upper Valley’s most peaceful conservation areas.


Learn About Night-time Habitats in New England! From bats to owls – there are plenty of creatures in New Hampshire that thrive after dark. Learn all about evening ecosystems on your guided hike.


Seeing Stars - Literally! The summer sky makes for excellent stargazing, and guides from the Dartmouth Astronomy Department will teach you to spot its magnificent features. From the Milky Way stretching up overhead at the beginning of the night, to bright constellations like Cygnus the swan and Scorpius the scorpion, you won’t want to miss this guided tour of the galaxy. We’ll learn to spot the center of our galaxy, and possibly the nearby Andromeda galaxy, the farthest object visible to the naked eye!



The Little Details

  • All ages are welcome at this event – bring the whole family to join in the fun!
  • The hike up Balch Hill is 0.3 miles from the parking area and is gentle to moderate in difficulty. It’s a great hike for little ones! You can check out the trail map here.
  • This event will take place at night, so please bring your own flashlight or headlamp. Note: If possible bring a flashlight that uses red light as it will have less of an effect on night vision.
  • To learn more about the Hanover Conservancy, visit http://www.hanoverconservancy.org/
  • Once you register, you must receive a confirmation email to confirm your reservation. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact our office so that we can assist you.