Introducing MEET-UP UPPER VALLEY – MUUV (Pronounced MOVE)

A New Opportunity for you to network your Employees into our community


Sometimes your employees are so busy in their daily pursuit of excellence in their jobs they are precluded from making the connections that will enhance their personal and professional lives.


A new networking program - MUUV - is designed by the Hanover Area Chamber of Commerce (HACC) to strengthen the bonds between you, your employees and your community.  MUUV is designed to help your employees come to appreciate and to cherish this place we call ‘home.’


How does one of your employees benefit?

• Introduces him or her to people and places in the Upper Valley

• Provides new knowledge of what the community has to offer the entire family

• Strengthens his/her relationships in the community through participation

• Establishes the value of your company or organization as an important contribution to life in the Upper Valley.


What do you have to do?

• Recognize the importance of Place as an employee benefit

• Join MUUV by agreeing to a flat annual fee based on the number of your employees.


HACC takes it from there:

• Negotiates for and operates each employee event

• Provides you with a monthly calendar of opportunities for your employees

• Creates the basics for what you can use to market this benefit

• Works with your staff to facilitate implementation and communication

• Manages all financial and administrative aspects of the program.



Compiled below is a list of FAQs.


What are the main objectives of Meet Up-Upper Valley (MUUV)?

There are several objectives; all aimed at attracting talent to the area, retaining that talent, and making that talent feel “at home.”  We aim:

• To attract, retain and engage talent in the Upper Valley

• To introduce potential and current employees and their families to each other and to and the Upper Valley

• To create activities or events that enrich the lives of those who participate.  Activities /events will have either tangible, appealing and/or participatory components

• To align employee centric companies with other companies sharing the same outlook

• To create an affordable benefit program by spreading administrative costs across multiple companies and organizations


Who operates the program?

The staff of HACC. We:

• Create, select, negotiate and coordinate events, including all financial matters

• Provide facilitation, advertising, set-up, tear-down

• Handle all concerns, questions, confusions and complaints (if any)


How often are events planned?

• The proposed program is designed and priced to provide 2-3 events per month.

• The type, scope and event frequency will be refined based on continuing feedback from participants.


What are some examples of successful past events?

The Art of Gelato – Create your own flavor, learn about Gelato making and Morano Gelato will choose one flavor to actually create and serve at the store

Composting Class – Learn how, what and when to compost

Montreal Jazz Festival – Take a trip and spend time at the Jazz Festival

Bird Sanctuary Walk – Take a walk with an ornithologist in Etna’s sanctuary, and discover our area birds

Snowshoe Wine & Dine – The Quechee Inn at Marshland Farm welcomes practiced or novice snowshoe enthusiasts, to join in an area trek, after which the Inn hosts an amazing meal.

Frozen Fenway – A trip to Boston to see a college hockey tournament, featuring some of the best teams in the country—or maybe a Red Sox game.

Mother/ Daughter Self-Defense – Learn the basics of defending yourself.

Singing Workshop – If you have always wanted to try singing in front of others, start with this workshop to get tips and tools from the pros!


Why should we consider joining?

• The program allows for you and other businesses to offer, collaborate and share costs for an employee benefit without having company personnel distracted from their primary tasks

• Your employees will meet and share common interests with other area employees and their families.

• You will be taking steps to achieve employee retention and productivity goals.

• The management, supervision and quality control of the program are handled by HACC, with your staff doing minimal work.


What are the deliverables by HACC for your investment?

• 4-5 free events per year

• 12-15 events per year – per participant cost: $5.00-$25.00

• 12-15 events per year – per participant cost: $30.00-$50.00

• 1-2 events per year involving bus or train travel as a day long trip and/or an overnight stay (market group discount rates)

• Idea generation

• Complete logistical coordination

• All registration details

• Hiring, training and paying of subcontractors

• Promotional and marketing support

• Program measurement reports


How much does the company membership cost?

Membership is based on your business type and your number of staff as of the 15th of January of each year. When counting your employees, include those employees (full and part-time) who either work or live within 50 miles of downtown Hanover (based on Google Maps).

• Some events will be free to your employees, while others will require the individuals to cost-sharing fee.

• You can choose to cover outing fees entirely, partially, or not at all.

• MUUV is extremely affordable for any size company, please contact the Chamber Office for pricing quotes.


When can my company join?

• Anytime.

• Payment terms are negotiable.

• Payment Plans are available.


Call 603-643-3115 or email MUUV@hanoverchamber.org if you are ready to sign-up for the best networking in New England.